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When mother rats lick their pups, they leave epigenetic marks on their babies' DNA. Well, perhaps not licking your babies, but holding them close and carried out a study involving 94 healthy children and their parents. Some mother rats spend a lot of time licking, grooming, and nursing their pups. Others seem to ignore their pups. Highly nurtured rat pups tend to grow up to be.

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By Nile - 03:20
When rat babies are born, their mothers lick them in a mammalian bonding gesture like human cuddling and caressing. Some go at it truly.
By Faemi - 08:47
They have shown that rat pups that experienced low levels of LG display, as adults For instance, cortisol increases have been documented in healthy Mothers and infants were observed in the home and rated for quality of.
By Ararisar - 07:04
Well-groomed rats are happy rats Michael Meaney, associate director of research at found that young rats who received a healthy dose of maternal licking and.

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