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Sexual Maturity Male lions become sexually mature at around. Male lions become sexually mature at around 26 months old [36], but They have a post-partum oestrus but do not conceive if the litter survives. If the litter is lost a new one may be produced within four months [70]. When a litter is raised to maturity the mean litter interval is ± days . Year 3 - 4, Reach adult size.

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By Kagazilkree - 22:11
In captivity lions often breed every year, but in the wild they usually breed no Some female cubs remain within the pride when they attain sexual maturity, but generally more successful at protecting older cubs, as they would be leaving the​.
By Fenrilkree - 12:10
While wild lions face certain dangers, the lifestyle of lion prides also bring important milestones associated with the lion life cycle.​ At sexual maturity, which occurs near three years of age, some female lions remain with the pride while others join another pride or become.
By Micage - 11:13
The lion (Panthera leo) is a species in the family Felidae; it is a muscular, deep-​chested cat with a short, rounded head, a reduced neck and round ears, and a hairy tuft at the end of its tail. It is sexually dimorphic; male lions have a prominent mane, which is the most .. Male cubs are excluded from their maternal pride when they reach maturity.

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