Welcome to the Internet Governance Forum

Welcome to the Internet Governance Forum

Consultation meeting, Geneva 23 May 07


An open consultation meeting for IGF Rio was held all day on 23 May in Geneva. You can read the entire transcript here.

That meeting was followed by two days of open consultation on the way forward. Sadly, there is no transcript of those meetings.

Contributions to that meeting can be found here.

Looking forward to Rio 2007

This Web site now enters a transitional phase. For IGF 2007 in Rio, a new Community Participation Web site will be launched (post here if you’d like to help). This site’s content will remain archived indefinitely.

Links to transcripts for all the main sessions of the 2006 IGF meeting are given below (from the IGF official site at www.intgovforum.org):

  • Opening session
  • Setting the scene
  • Openness session
  • Security session
  • Diversity session
  • Access session
  • Summing up
  • Emerging issues session

 Welcome to the IGF Community Site, built and designed to get the most possible out the Internet during its first-ever worldwide meeting.

The Internet Governance Forum, or IGF, is a remarkable experiment in knowledge and experience sharing across the Internet by all the people that use it, including business, governments, organisations and you, the individual.

“Governance” does not mean “government”, but rather the large and ongoing decisions made by societies across the globe when dealingwith the Internet.

At this inaugural meeting in Athens, the issues have been divided into four main categories: opennesssecuritydiversity and access.

Using this site, you can find out about and discuss all the events taking place, and see what the world’s experts on a wide range of Internet issues think about the future.

Links will provide access to webcasts of the sessions. And participants in the room and around the world can instantly interact.

Picture of our Community Members
Picture of our Community Members

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Aerial Imaging Drones For Newcomers

quadcopterEach manufacturer quadcopter whether new or old to sports constantly promotes his quadcopter quadcopter because the best kit on the market. The difficulty with this is that there are simply too many to write quadricopters through the market. And when you do get thinner choice, how do you really know that a manufacturer is better than the opposite?

In fact, I’ve been there, done that. After going through a series of accidents and burns (literally) and fly by the producers of the night, I mentioned it is adequate enough. I wanted a respected producer who can provide me with spare parts and inventory required to support firmware upgrade. I wanted a proper quadcopter easy to fly and control beginner, but because my experience will not be updated to improve.

We all start somewhere. And if you start in this hobby, you are in the right place.

For beginners, I suggest you start with a comprehensive list of best quadcopter kit. These are kits that contain quadricopters quadcopter itself, the battery and the transmission controller. All I want to do is charge the battery usually through a USB cable, install the battery, and you’re ready to fly. For most quadricopters, will be calibrated by setting the base and is made by placing the quadcopter on a flat stage floor. This will help you control your quadcopter response and will be easier for you to fly, because you should not be more appropriate.

An analogy is that if the alignment direction your car is off and the car pulls to the right. By fixing the plate, you have to be more appropriate to drive the vehicle on a straight road and still, you should be more appropriate not QuadCopter flying down the road to go.

Another reason why these complete kits are a great option to start is usually quadricopters these are very difficult. You will quickly understand the best way to manage your quadcopter and if you have an accident (not a question of whether, but when) will not be as painful accident a good quadcopter market shock front as a semi quadcopter -professionnel DJI Phantom.

UDI-RC-UFO-Quadcopter-150x150But do not worry, when you break it, simply because it is part of the study of knowledge. If it is a trusted brand as there is usually Hubsan Syma or components that are available for purchase, so you do not have to buy a brand new quadcopter.

At the beginning, I might consider a set of spare propellers and other battery. In general, the flight time of these kits is less than ten minutes, if you need another battery to extend your enjoyment quadcopter.

Here’s an inventory of quadricopters for beginners:

For me personally, I like the X4 Hubsan. It is one of the cheapest mini quadricopters in the sector, and is an excellent model to start working on that interest. There’s even a packing set for the accident that this model comes with a replacement body, 4 sets of spare propellers two spare engines, and an extra battery that is less than half the cost of the quadcopter.

Top Four Tips To Make a Guy Commit With You

Click below image for free video presentation to make your guy committed to you.



You’ve got a man who loves you, no matter whether he uses the word or not. She loves sex with you, but more than that, I love with you. Nevertheless, it is not yet complete, you committed. He probably still dark on weekend plans or did not you build up to their friends. Maybe he has not asked you to marry him, even if he has seen each other or constantly live together for a long time.

If so, it’s like thousands and thousands of people who deceive themselves and caring for a life that would make you very happy the lady. He is obviously scared – possibly even phobic – about the commitment you can read the guide on How To Get a Man To Commit. Is there something you can do to support him, the step can cause ultimate happiness for each of you take? The answer is “safe” and the options are simple adjustments and easy that you all price and at the end brings Compliance and commitment you have always dreamed of.

Here are four ideas to celebrate your man:

1. Make it easy for him, in confidence, listen to you, to speak without advice or criticism.

It needs to know, that is protected in order to provide more information. And the more he says, the more they will be committed. Suppose, he says he feels bad for not a college graduate. Just pay attention and make it clear that you simply love him so much as with a doctorate at Harvard. If he says he’s afraid to shed your job, just listen and make it clear that he only love so much if you do. Weather for advice can come later when they asked – if it ever does. But now the Council is not what they want. He needs you.

2. Set show your man something special, what he really likes for himself.

Early to avoid in the relationship, ask resume consultations. Concerns appear as: “How much do you earn?” “Did you go to university?” “Where?” “Had he ever been married” “by a long way?” “What have a life of your mother and father?” These questions that you recommend is that you decide dimension and is an excellent threat as a potential husband. Note, even if it is to be a billionaire, must know that he preferred it before knowing that reality. Remember, you can get access to more interesting tip such as this if you select the What Men Secretly Want James Bauer Program which is a great solution for Relationship Problems.

Alternatively, ask him what he feels about the items, what he likes and what not. When he says,

He only has one big advantage gained not ask was how much. Talk about how exciting it must be. “Did you know that I come from?” “You congratulate all your friends to you?” Enjoy his knowledge with him. He will tell you everything., After a while, when it is very quiet, which could be a weak signal You know that you prefer to be called into question.

He likes it even less. Let them know that you care only about him, he is not what he represents, or category you are in, and it will be specific. Keep it private, face the facts.

3. Try to be organic. Be yourself and do not hide your tastes or factors that you want.

If the new guy likes rap music and recites a few names of people who have never heard, not imitation, you know and like. You are entitled to say that you simply do not all know about this kind of music.

Though often enjoyed opera, say it. If you mourn the mood for a movie, mourn. If you feel like laughing, laugh. Always, of course, will encourage you to be the same. He is unique, and that they have something special, but in several methods. Never stand under pressure start with a lie. The message is that you are a unique person and he is one, too.

4. Give your man feel that you keep your freedom – no less than a reasonable degree.

While you, as a lady, a new relationship feels and change your life, your man thinks only of protection. Look forward to buy a new house to look smaller, changing jobs, under common holiday. She has since decided to retain their former routines and change as little as possible. For him, equality means security. If you try to change your life too fast, they really go the feeling that their masculinity is the next point.

He is currently really feel threatened. Make small gestures to show what not to take over your life and take everything away from him. For example, be sure that he. Still time to alone to see his fellow men If guys is present together with out ladies, is to ask for one generalizes: “How are you tonight?” The guys really sorry for the friend who can never be a part of them.

 A Few Final Words of Advice

If your man is showing off at least a few times, so it seems his lady – you – is an easy partner. Good materials commitment. Men assure themselves of their masculinity not only for a woman who loves you, but always with the guys. It is symbolic. Dale be sure that he is still a man, but can travel light, to a certain extent always easier time you spend you away.

Many Uses of a Pocket Knife – EDC Essential

In case you just start making a note of the number of cases is used as a pocket knife in one day, you see the launch of many ways in which we use this tool on the basis of a little every day. Not only when you go for a trip you need a pocket knife, but also requires that whenever you implement the daily tasks at home.

I rarely find the toolbox household knife exactly where smallpox is not added. Whether you use it to open a bottle or cut the cable, you can find many of the applications that force you to buy a pocket knife. However, Reading the Ultimate Survival Knife Guide will give you better insist and knowledge regarding knives.

Selecting Your First Tactical Folding Knife : Video Review

Here is a list of everyday uses that add to the utility knife pocket.

In The Kitchen

kitchen_thumbUsing a pocket knife in the kitchen is huge. There are many types of bottle or key to open every day. Whether it’s in a bottle of ketchup on a package of skim milk may be necessary to remove or reduce the lid open. Can also be a good multi-function pocket knife can be used to repair tools or screws cut paper packages. You can peel vegetables or fruit cheese or reducing a slice or put a piece of meat for grilling with ease if you only have the right knife.

This is why people really like to wear one after you go camping or hiking because they can do a lot of elements, with only a pocket knife.


Within Your Toolbox

KnifeToolBoxIt does not matter if you need to fix anything or cut anything, should be done with a knife pocket. This is really the explanation, which makes its way to the set of tools is very comfortable. Almost every residence within the state would have certainly knife tool that is stored in a comfortable corner where one can achieve it with ease. Since removing the nail or screw smooth surface open small screws, which are very good like any other part of the largest counter.

There can be all sizes of screwdrivers, but a tool that can easily solve multiple target with a lot of fears. Identify projects and building small doubt contact any pocket knife sharp and strong.


Consider As a Perfect Gift Idea

gift-cross-150x150For a gift for someone who likes to identify property has a pocket knife malfunction quite sharp, you’re bound to get a lot of praise and a good understanding of the decision. So, while thinking of the perfect gift, you may show created specifically for knives, which can not simply be cut open, but also carving, sculpture, honed and refined.

There are a lot of types of knives to choose from. Names such as Canoe, Barlow and so on, are very popular.



Pocket Knife CollectionA pocket knife is the weapon most commonly used security. It can be used for self-defense and that can be used for honey also helps. If you Carry a EDC Pocket Knife in your purse or wallet, you can probably save yourself from theft or merely threatening to flaunt it.

But one must be careful when using it. It may be any non-lethal use is illegal and demanding punishment.


It is possible to constantly buy a large knife from his neighborhood pocket also deposited in the system on the Internet. There are many sites that sell pocket knives at a fair price and a very low cost.

John Peter is an professional in functionality Multi-Tools. He have published a lot of Useful Pocket Knife Analysis on his Personal Blog.