Welcome to the Internet Governance Forum

Welcome to the Internet Governance Forum

Consultation meeting, Geneva 23 May 07

Welcome to the Internet Governance Forum

An open consultation meeting for IGF Rio was held all day on 23 May in Geneva. You can read the entire transcript here.

That meeting was followed by two days of open consultation on the way forward. Sadly, there is no transcript of those meetings.

Contributions to that meeting can be found here.

Looking forward to Rio 2007

This Web site now enters a transitional phase. For IGF 2007 in Rio, a new Community Participation Web site will be launched (post here if you’d like to help). This site’s content will remain archived indefinitely.

Links to transcripts for all the main sessions of the 2006 IGF meeting are given below (from the IGF official site at www.intgovforum.org):

  • Opening session
  • Setting the scene
  • Openness session
  • Security session
  • Diversity session
  • Access session
  • Summing up
  • Emerging issues session

Welcome to the IGF Community Site, built and designed to get the most possible out the Internet during its first-ever worldwide meeting.

The Internet Governance Forum, or IGF, is a remarkable experiment in knowledge and experience sharing across the Internet by all the people that use it, including business, governments, organisations and you, the individual.

“Governance” does not mean “government”, but rather the large and ongoing decisions made by societies across the globe when dealingwith the Internet.

At this inaugural meeting in Athens, the issues have been divided into four main categories: opennesssecuritydiversity and access.

Using this site, you can find out about and discuss all the events taking place, and see what the world’s experts on a wide range of Internet issues think about the future.

Links will provide access to webcasts of the sessions. And participants in the room and around the world can instantly interact.

If you register with the site – an extremely simple process where a password will be sent to an email address of your choice – you will immediately be given full interaction rights.

An Introduction to Baby Bouncers

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Which is the Best OBD2 Reader ?

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Predator Calls & Decoys to Scare Birds

best coyote call under 100Every year, homeowners are plagued by pest birds want to live and eat in their yards. Birds like sparrows and crows love the seeds of your new garden to eat while geese love to devour her lawn. If you have fruit trees, which are certainly not safe either pest birds. So how homeowners scare birds?

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Hawk Decoys

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Coyote Decoys

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reference: topcoyotecall.com